Keynote Speakers

October 24 – Ian Cull

How My Relationship with Institutional Research has Contributed to Informing Campus Decision-making and Planning During a Time of Significant Growth

Institutional Research has a set of skills, gifts and attributes that can significantly contribute to the student experience and to the general well being of the institution. Student and Academic Affairs need the expertise that IR has to be able to develop and improve their programs and services. In relationship with campus partners, IR has the capacity to support the work of the institution in an important way beyond its traditional reporting role. Ian will share from his own experiences at UBC how his relationship with IR has contributed to informing campus decision-making and planning during a time of significant growth.


Ian Cull is now retired from the University of British Columbia. Prior to his retirement he worked as Senior Advisor to the Deputy Vice Chancellor and Principal on Indigenous Affairs. He served as Associate Vice President, Students, at the University of British Columbia from 2005 to 2015. He was the Senior Student Affairs Officer at the Okanagan Campus and was responsible for a large portfolio of services for students. Previously Mr. Cull served as Vice President (Students) at the University of Winnipeg, as Dean of Students at St. Francis Xavier University in Antigonish, Nova Scotia, and as Director of Counselling Services and Services for Native Students at Lakehead University in Thunder Bay, Ontario. Mr. Cull is a member of Dokis Indian Band located on the Dokis Indian Reserve in Ontario, Canada.

Twitter: @cull_ian

October 25 – Lyn Bartram, PhD

Beyond the Numbers: Visually Thinking with Data

Traditional analytics methods struggle with the highly variable and multidimension nature of “big data”. In this talk I will discuss how we harness the power of the human brain through interactive visualization, and how visual analytics can augment and extend our toolbox of ways to think with and about data for richer understanding.


Lyn Bartram is Professor in the School of Interactive Art and Technology at SFU and Director of the Vancouver Institute of Visual Analytics, an SFU Research Institute engaging researchers, practitioners and organizations with challenges and opportunities in the emerging universe of big data. Her work explores the intersecting potential of interactive visualization, cognitive analytics, computer graphics and computational media from both theoretical and applied perspectives, particularly to better support data-enabled thinking beyond the traditional applications of expert data science.