We are pleased to unveil a brand new look and feel for CIRPA that represents our esteemed association’s exciting future and continued growth. With careful thought and consideration, we have developed a clear and modern symbol that embodies our values, aspirations and commitment to our profession and membership. The design of our new logo encapsulates our core principles and visually communicates our identity to the world. Our new logo combines various elements to create a cohesive and meaningful representation of CIRPA’s values, mission, and vision.

A few key elements of the logo:

  1. The circle and bar elements are associated with data representation and analytics. They symbolize a sense of organization, measurement and statistical analysis. Including these elements in our logo represents CIRPA’s focus on data-informed decision-making, and the expertise in data analysis, research and planning of our members.
  2. The upward movement of the lines and arrowhead component represents the progress and achievement of CIRPA and our profession. They convey the idea of CIRPA’s dedication to continuous growth, success and positive outcomes for our members. It also expresses a message of resilience, stability, and endurance.
  3. When combined together, the direction of the lines in each of the elements portrays the shape and outline of the maple leaf, signifying our Canadian identity and national context. It also characterizes CIRPA’s welcoming spirit to promote and nurture a diverse and inclusive membership, and our commitment to operating with integrity and maintaining high ethical standards.

As we move forward, this logo will serve as a powerful emblem of our unity, purpose, and shared commitment. This logo and a new look for CIRPA also coincide with the release of our Strategic Plan that will guide our actions over the next few years. The new design will be prominently displayed across our communications, events and platforms, reinforcing our presence and enhancing recognition. Please take a moment to check out the refreshed website and our Strategic Plan.