The Board met in Montreal where we had a chance to give the Hotel Omni a bit of a test drive in advance of the conference, and it did not disappoint! Huge shout-outs to Cameron Tilson, Neil Chakraborty, and everyone on the local arrangements and program planning committees, because they are doing an amazing job!

Despite the snow that greeted us at the airport, we had a wonderful time and are predicting that Montreal will give us a conference to remember. You’ll want to pack your walking shoes and your dancing shoes – and maybe your French-English dictionary (or preferred translation app). Plans are underway to make this a truly bilingual conference that is inclusive of francophones, anglophones, and those who’d like to reach out to our colleagues across the language barrier.

We also reviewed the CIRPA communication plan, our membership categories, our professional development activities such as webinars, and of course our interim financials. Watch for more information coming soon about all those topics.
Meanwhile, if you’re thinking about submitting a proposal to present in Montreal, please reach out to Neil. He’ll be happy to help if you have questions or are unsure how your idea can best fit with this year’s “circus” theme. Presentations in French are particularly welcomed.

See you in Montreal!