On June 7, CIRPA-ACPRI is hosting a professional development member forum, focused on data governance. This is an opportunity for higher education professionals to learn about data governance best practices and discuss challenges in the field. The forum will include four sessions focused on different aspects of data governance in higher education.

The keynote speaker for the event is Alex Leigh, a world leader in higher education data governance. He will be presenting a session on “Data Governance and Education, a match made in…,” exploring the benefits and challenges of managing data as a strategic asset in education. Alex has worked with over 100 organizations, including 54 universities, founded the UK Higher Education Data Governance network, and designed and developed the HEDIIP data capability framework and sector-level governance for reporting.

The second session of the forum will focus on the First Nations principles of OCAP® and data sovereignty, which are essential for collective rights. This presentation will discuss the data and information infrastructures that First Nations are building to support self-determination and self-governance, including the First Nations Data Centre, the First Nations Data Governance Strategy, and education and training programs.

The third session will feature a panel discussion with representatives from four Canadian colleges, exploring the challenges of making data accessible for various stakeholders while ensuring privacy and confidentiality. Panelists will offer insights into how data governance is being addressed at their institutions, related challenges, and potential solutions.

The fourth session will provide an update on recent data governance program developments from five Canadian universities, including the University of British Columbia, the University of Calgary, York University, the University of Toronto, and the University of New Brunswick. Panelists will speak to their experiences and insights based on their institutional programs while answering questions about recent accomplishments, lessons learned, and future opportunities.

The sessions will take place at different times throughout the day, with registration links provided for each one- please register for each session separately depending on the one you are interested in attending. 

An active paid membership in CIRPA is required for this event. CIRPA’s membership year runs from July to June. If you are not currently a paid member, please wait until June to purchase your membership and we will extend your membership through to the end of June 2024. Any memberships purchased before June 1, 2023 will expire on June 30, 2023.

Session Time (EST) 

Temps (HNE)



Data Governance and Education, a match made in… 

Gouvernance des données et enseignement : une combinaison…

12 noon EST

12h00 HNE

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The First Nations Principles of OCAP® and Data Sovereignty 

Les principes de PCAP® des Premières Nations et la souveraineté des données

1pm EST

13h00 HNE

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Data Governance at Canadian Colleges 

La gouvernance des données dans les collèges canadiens

2pm EST

14h00 HNE

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Data Governance Program Update – A Panel Session 

Mise à jour du programme de gouvernance des données – Panel

3pm EST

15h00 HNE

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