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Current News

New CIRPA Logo

We are pleased to unveil a brand new look and feel for CIRPA that represents our esteemed association’s exciting future and continued growth. With careful thought and consideration, we have developed a clear and modern symbol that embodies our values, aspirations and commitment to our profession and membership. The design of our new logo encapsulates our core principles and visually communicates our identity to the world. Our new logo combines various elements to create a cohesive and meaningful representation of CIRPA’s values, mission, and vision.

A few key elements of the logo:

  1. The circle and bar elements are associated with data representation and analytics. They symbolize a sense of organization, measurement and statistical analysis. Including these elements in our logo represents CIRPA’s focus on data-informed decision-making, and the expertise in data analysis, research and planning of our members.
  2. The upward movement of the lines and arrowhead component represents the progress and achievement of CIRPA and our profession. They convey the idea of CIRPA’s dedication to continuous growth, success and positive outcomes for our members. It also expresses a message of resilience, stability, and endurance.
  3. When combined together, the direction of the lines in each of the elements portrays the shape and outline of the maple leaf, signifying our Canadian identity and national context. It also characterizes CIRPA’s welcoming spirit to promote and nurture a diverse and inclusive membership, and our commitment to operating with integrity and maintaining high ethical standards.

As we move forward, this logo will serve as a powerful emblem of our unity, purpose, and shared commitment. This logo and a new look for CIRPA also coincide with the release of our Strategic Plan that will guide our actions over the next few years. The new design will be prominently displayed across our communications, events and platforms, reinforcing our presence and enhancing recognition. Please take a moment to check out the refreshed website and our Strategic Plan.

CIRPA 2023 Elections – Call for Nominations

The Nominations Committee is inviting CIRPA members to nominate candidates for the 2023 elections. A nomination form is included separately with this notice.

Please note that the deadline for nominations is May 16, 2023 at 5:00 p.m. PDT.

Elections will be conducted and results will be announced in June. Each position will be for a two-year term and will become effective immediately following the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The next AGM will be held in October 2023, concurrent with the 2023 hybrid conference in Winnipeg (October 22 – 24, 2023).

Elected members of the Board of Directors are expected to attend the conference, the AGM and all other meetings as determined by the Board.

Nominees must hold a regular membership for the 2022/23 year (must renew before May 16, 2023).

The following positions are open for nomination:
•    President
•    Vice-President
•    Member-at-Large (3 positions)
•    Nominations Committee (2 positions – not a member of the Board of Directors)

Please note that each position is for a two-year term.

The Board would like to thank and acknowledge the valued contributions of Stephanie McKeown (President) who is completing her second term as President and ninth year on the Board and is not eligible to run for the same Board position this election cycle.


President (detailed job description available upon request)
The President is the chief executive officer of the Association and is responsible for implementing the strategic plans and policies of the Association. The President, subject to the authority of the Board, has general supervision of the activities and affairs of the Association. The President represents the Association to external bodies and promotes the highest standards of institutional research and planning.


Vice-President (detailed job description available upon request)
The Vice-President oversees membership and is responsible for membership promotion and supporting conference planning. The Vice-President’s duties also include (but are not limited to):

Verifying the eligibility of nominated members to sit as a Director of the Association.

Present candidates for Emeritus status to the Board.


Member-at-Large (detailed job description available upon request)
Members-at-Large shall be responsible for activities determined by the Board of Directors such as communications, website, and other professional development activities. Assignment of responsibilities shall be determined by the President, in consultation with the members of the Board.


Nominations Committee (not members of the Board of Directors)
The Nominations Committee is composed of a maximum of 5 members. The immediate past president serves as chair and 4 members (2 positions in alternating years) shall be elected as part of the election process. The committee assesses nominations and develops a slate of candidates, reflective of the composition of the membership, for election by the membership.


Only members of the Association holding a regular membership are eligible to stand for election to any of these positions. Members who would like to nominate themselves or other members of the Association for any of the above-listed positions should e-mail Please complete the Nominations Form and include a short biography (250 words or less) and a photo. Thank you.

2022-23 Nominations Committee
David Paul (chair) – Portage College
Ashley Blackman – University College of the North
Garry Hansen – St. Thomas University


Best Presentation Award Winners 2022

Congratulations to Matthew Kennedy and Dominique Cook (Thompson Rivers University), winners of the 2022 CIRPA Best Presentation Award for their presentation “The Past, Present, and Future of Enrolment Projections at Thompson Rivers University”! As part of the award, Matthew and Dominique will present their session at the upcoming Association for Institutional Research’s annual forum in Cleveland, Ohio from May 30 – June 2, 2023. The Board thanks the Best Presentation Committee, led by Ashley Blackman from University College of the North, who carefully reviewed all presentations and feedback from conference delegates to make their selection.

Best Presentation Award Winners

With the outstanding content at our last conference, two presentations tied for the 2021 CIRPA Best Presentation honour. Congratulations to Annay Slabikowska and Craig Thompson (University of British Columbia) who won for their presentation “A Collaborative Approach to Understanding Enrolment Patterns: The Student Flows Project” and to Stephanie McKeown (also from the University of British Columbia) who won for her presentation “Rethinking Student Evaluations of Teaching from the Student Perspective.” 

The Board thanks the Best Presentation Award Committee for their work carefully reviewing all of the sessions at the 2021 virtual conference and combining it with your feedback on the session evaluations and post-conference survey to determine our well-deserving winners.

As part of the award, winners also present their sessions at the Association for Institutional Research’s Annual Forum, this year in Phoenix, Arizona, from June 6-9, 2022. Stephanie will be presenting at the AIR Forum on Wednesday June 8 at 10:45am. Due to the ongoing pandemic, the Board has agreed with Annay and Craig’s request not to attend the AIR Forum, but they will share their presentation as an upcoming CIRPA webinar.

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