Outstanding Service Award Recipients
CAUBO Financial Information of Universities and Colleges (FIUC) Update
Volume 17, number 2 - June 2015

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  • 24th annual CIRPA conference - Halifax, Nova Scotia
  • Getting to Know the CIRPA Board: Stephanie McKeown
  • Member Article: Beyond Counting Data: It's How We Interpret Data that Counts
  • Member Article: Crystal Gazing the Future of Institutional Research

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Volume 16, number 1 - February 2015

In this Issue

  • Getting to know the CIRPA Board of Directors
  • 2014 Best Practice Award Recipient
  • Member Article: Retention Among Canadian College Students
  • Reflections on the 2014 CIRPA conference
Volume 15, number 1 - June 2014

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President's message
CIRPA 2014 Conference<
Getting to Know the CIRPA Board of Directors
2013 CIRPA Conference - Regina, SK
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