UBC recently conducted its first comprehensive review of student evaluations of teaching. These high-stakes surveys are used for improvement efforts and as part of the process to determine hiring, promotion, tenure, and teaching awards. These questions are an integral component of an integrative evaluation of teaching framework at UBC that is being designed to support the overall assessment of teaching effectiveness. In this session, we will discuss our approach to engaging our campus communities about the validity and reliability of our student feedback, including understanding bias in the responses. We will also share how we have used different metrics on student evaluation of teaching data to move beyond interpreting point estimates but a collection of data for both formative and summative evaluation; the metrics include interpolated median, percent favourable, and dispersion index. We will briefly introduce our new interactive dashboard on student evaluations of teaching survey data to provide individual instructors and academic leaders a way to visualize the reported metrics within context.


Stephanie McKeown, Abdel Azim Zumrawi, Alison Wong

The University of British Columbia (UBC)