Years in the making, Sheridan’s integrated suite of intelligence tools has transformed leadership’s ability to consistently make quality decisions in high stakes situations, and brought IR to the fore in terms of visibility, credibility and import. In the post-pandemic era of change and disruption, this work has tangibly improved our ability to successfully identify and adjust to changing market conditions. Beautifully designed and built on myriad interconnected data sets and custom predictive models, the suite covers all aspects of the institution’s business – from enrollment planning to program performance to the competitive landscape – allowing users to quickly identify, contextualize and surface issues and opportunities.

In this presentation we take you through our integrated institutional financial data tools, allowing for cost diagnostic and optimization models driving significant savings. We’ll review concrete examples demonstrating how we delivered on our promise to accelerate decision making with more than ‘just another dashboard.’

Dean Langan, Mark Neumann

Sheridan College