The theme for CIRPA 2024 is: “Students of data, data serving students – Inspiring a culture of student success through data empowerment.”

This year’s conference focuses on how data can be used to help students achieve. Click here for the submission guidelines and review criteria. Please complete all proposals using the proposal template available here.

Submissions are encouraged to align with the conference theme and with one or more of the following topic areas:

• Action Enablers – This stream covers how an institution or IR team has transformed data to be used broadly to facilitate student success. Emphasis should be on the data transformation process and how the resulting information was put into decision-makers hands. Presenters are encouraged to share experiences in leveraging data from diverse sources to create unique insights.

• From Start to Finish – Strategic enrolment management (SEM) is a core to institutional stability. How do we determine how many students we can accommodate? What resources are needed to deliver quality educational experiences? How do we incorporate both qualitative and quantitative aspects? What data-based practices has your institution implemented to maximize graduation rates, reduce attrition and facilitate student engagement? This is an opportunity to present and discuss methods and models for success. How do we map the entire student journey from student surveys to modelling in R?

• Eliminating Silos – Often, institutional silos can create barriers to actioning data in service of student success. This stream discusses how data and information have been used at our member institutions to unite various departments (Recruitment, Registrars, Student Service, Institutional Research, etc.) in service of student success. Further topics to consider are partnerships between postsecondary institutions to track student outcomes.

• Forecasting Success – In this track, we ask questions such as: how early is early intervention? We will discuss data-based actions to provide support to students. What data is needed to enable success? Models used to forecast retention, graduation and overall positive student outcomes. Presenters are encouraged to demonstrate how they incorporated data from sources such as student surveys into their forecasting activities.

The deadline to submit a proposal is May 24, 2024. Submit your proposal via email to the Programming Committee at