What challenges have you faced around finding, importing, organizing, managing, and viewing faculty data? Do any of these sound familiar:
• Can you count the exact number of faculty you have working today?
• Can you count them by type?
• Do you know the basic information about these faculty?
• Do you have access to information on various faculty processes?
• Do you have systems today to help with this (and do they actually help)?
• Do faculty actually validate the data (teaching, research, and service) you have about them?
Higher education is hungry for data to drive their strategic decisions, but it’s a very real administrative burden to ask faculty for the same data again and again. In this presentation, hear how a Faculty Information System can capture the full breadth of faculty activities in teaching, research, and service—and offer faculty tangible incentives to input their activities.

Hear how Tulane, UNLV, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, University of Missouri System, University of Arizona and more have streamlined faculty data and reporting to support web profiles, accreditation reporting, annual reviews and promotions, and more.

Josh Gianitsis and Katie Duncan