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CIRPA Election 2022 – Call for Nominations

The Nominations Committee is inviting CIRPA members to nominate candidates for the 2022 elections. A nomination form is included separately with this notice.

Please note that the deadline for nominations is May 19, 2022 at 5:00 p.m. PDT.

Elections will be conducted and results announced in June. Each position will be for a two-year term and will become effective immediately following the Annual General Meeting (AGM). The next AGM will be held in October 2022, concurrent with the 2022 hybrid conference in Vancouver (October 23 – 25, 2022).

Elected members of the Board of Directors are expected to attend the conference, the AGM and all other meetings as determined by the Board.

Nominees must hold a regular membership for the 2021/22 year (must renew before May 19, 2022).

The following positions are open for nomination: 

•    Treasurer

•    Secretary  

•    Member-at-Large (1 position) 

•    Nominations Committee (2 positions – not a member of the Board of Directors)

Please note that each position is for a two-year term.

The Board would like to thank and acknowledge the valued contributions of Yuqin Gong (Member-at-Large) who is completing her second term on the Board and Carmelinda Del Conte, who is completing her fifth year as Treasurer. Neither is not eligible to run for the same Board position this election cycle.


Treasurer (detailed job description available upon request) 

The Treasurer maintains responsibility for receipt and disbursement of all funds of the Association; establishment and maintenance of appropriate records of all financial transactions; ensuring all expenditures are made within the specifications of approved budgets and have been properly incurred according to the policies of the Association; facilitating the work of the auditor appointed to prepare the financial audit of the Association, and presenting the findings of the auditor to the membership; and developing and maintaining, in consultation with the executive, a budget for the Association. 


Secretary (detailed job description available upon request) 

The Board Secretary prepares, maintains and distributes the Board’s records, such as the minutes, agendas, correspondence and contracts. 


Member-at-Large (detailed job description available upon request) 

Members-at-Large shall be responsible for activities determined by the Board of Directors such as communications, website, and other professional development activities. Assignment of responsibilities shall be determined by the President, in consultation with the members of the Board. 


Nominations Committee (not members of the Board of Directors) 

The Nominations Committee is composed of a maximum of 5 members. The immediate past president serves as chair and 4 members (2 positions in alternating years) shall be elected as part of the election process. The committee assesses nominations and develops a slate of candidates, reflective of the composition of the membership, for election by the membership. 


Only members of the Association holding a regular membership are eligible to stand for election to any of these positions. Members who would like to nominate themselves or other members of the Association for any of the above listed positions should e-mail Please complete the Nominations Form and include a short biography (250 words or less) and a photo. Thank you.

2021-22 Nominations Committee 

David Paul (chair) – Portage College 

Ashley Blackman – University College of the North 

Garry Hansen – St. Thomas University

CIRPA Elections – 2021

Congratulations to the following six individuals, including two acclaimed positions, one appointed, two re-elected and one new Board member. Following the recent election, the CIRPA-ACPRI Board 2021-2023 will be comprised of the following members:

President (acclaimed) – Stephanie McKeown, University of British Columbia (2nd term)

Vice-President (acclaimed) – Miranda Pearson, University of Regina (2nd term)

Treasurer (appointed) – Carmelinda Del Conte, Mohawk College (appointed 1 year) – due to a lack of nominations for the Treasurer position, the Board appointed Carmelinda for a one-year term to fill the vacancy in accordance with our CIRPA bylaws.

Secretary (continuing) – Zenon Kurjewicz, University of Manitoba (1st term)

Members at Large (elected/re-elected/continuing)

    • Neil Chakraborty, University of Toronto (2nd term)
      Stephen Childs, York University (2nd term)
      Andrew Drinkwater, PLAID Consulting (1st term)
      Yuqin Gong, University of Prince Edward Island (continuing 2nd term)
  • Nominations Committee:

    • David Paul, Chair, Portage College
      Ashley Blackman, FV Analytics
      Garry Hansen, St. Thomas University
  • I will take this opportunity to congratulate the incoming members of the board and offer my sincere thanks to the other candidates for running in this year’s election.

    Best regards,

    Stephanie McKeown

    CIRPA-ACPRI President

    CIRPA Elections – 2020

    The CIRPA Board of Directors is pleased to share the following election results:

    • Secretary: Zenon Kurjewicz, University of Manitoba (elected by acclamation)
    • Member-at- Large: Yuqin Gong, University of Prince Edward Island

    I will take this opportunity to congratulate the incoming members of the board and offer my sincere thanks to the other candidates for running in this year’s election.

    Best regards,

    Stephanie McKeown

    CIRPA-ACPRI President

    Announcing the next CIRPA Webinar

    Abracadabra:Tell us what the numbers mean? Unpacking retention and graduation student success research data using the magician’s bag of tricks.


    CIRPA is very pleased to invite you to join University of Toronto’s Mariam Ali and Wei Xiong on June 16, 2020 as they share the session that nabbed them the 2019 CIRPA Conference Best Presentation Award. To register for the one-hour webinar, which starts at 10 a.m. Pacific/11 a.m. Mountain/12 p.m. Central/1 p.m. Eastern/2 p.m. Atlantic/2:30 p.m. Newfoundland and Labrador, please click here and provide your name, e-mail address and the name of your institution or company. Thank you. For more information about the webinar, please see the short write-up below. 


    As IR magicians, we transform 7 years of admission data into insights on student academic success, which includes retention (year 1 to year 2) and graduation (six year). We use magical tricks (Tableau, SAS and statistical models) to explore how factors (gender, financial aid, legal status, admission group, admission average, degree type and co-op status) are associated with retention and graduation. Our project is important because it contributes to student success research in Canadian higher education and will inform our institution’s academic policies and student success and interventions such as the newly launched ‘Get Finished Scholarship’.

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