Surveys previously indicated that almost 40% of Ontario’s college degree students report previous college or university experience. In support of this, colleges have a range of pathways into degrees, including preparatory programs, course credit, bridges, and block transfer. This project, through accessing administrative records at five colleges, determined how often these pathways are utilized, who is using them, and how students are faring academically and in the labour market. Preliminary results showed that over half of degree entrants had documented previous post-secondary experience; with 20% entering the degree through a block transfer (advanced level). As well, transfer students, particularly block transfers, are successful academically, often outperforming non-transfer students.

Ursula McCloy, Gerardo Infante, Connie Phelps, Suzanne Dwyer, Jelena Dukic, Mokhtar Khalladi Noka

Seneca College, Conestoga College, George Brown College, Humber College, Sheridan College